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Why Choose Truman Howell Architects?

Here at Truman Howell Architects (THA) we know that our main job is to quickly and expertly create the architectural drawings you need to get your project built and to start making money.


In addition to our nearly 40 years of experience in architectural design, we also bring to the table a perspective that allows us to connect deeply with you. That perspective stems from the fact that we are also owners and operators in the hospitality industry. We have been in your shoes before, from putting together our own financing to understanding the impossible challenges that change orders can cause.

We aren’t outsiders looking in. We are knowledgeable leaders in the field who have been in your shoes and can deliver what you need, when you need it.

Exact Bidding

We incorporate a lot of real-time data and information into our drawings. This results in a complete set of drawings that allows for exact, accurate bidding. Accurate bidding leads to the ability to obtain the right financing and other support you need to complete your project. It also helps avoid costly change orders that come from incomplete plans or gray areas.


Because of our knowledge of construction and record of architecture, we tend to provide in-depth information to our clients. We care that you know the right information at the right time—whether you want to hear it or not. This helps you make final decisions on your project that you will remain happy with as the years go on.


Due to our extensive background and experience in the field, we understand the actual functions that stem from architectural drawings. We think through everything to identify the smallest of details. From there, we create a complete plan that a builder can bring to life, without issue. Additionally, we use the latest in technology to complete our work and to communicate quickly with you, ensuring we cause no project hold-ups.

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